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KeepAPic.Com – Free Image Hosting

KeepAPic.ComThis is a new and simple way for you to share a picture with friends. Now you do not have to register at an images host provider anymore.


Forget about sending pictures by email or by msn. In case your computer is slow, you do not want your computer to get slower than what it is. Let’s say you are working on an important project or reading an important document on your computer and a friend sends you a picture, or an image.

Until now, you had to think if you would click on the picture or not because it could be a very heavy file.

The way this system works is simple yet effective.

You upload the picture you want to share from your computer to this company’s server, and that is it. Then, you can share it with everybody for ever, because the picture will be stored on the KEEP A PIC server for an indefinite period.

After you upload the picture the system will generate a link to it. In this way users can take a look at it in a very simple way. In conclusion, this is very straightforward and effective tool you can use.



Author : Liam Gray

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