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Kamat.comThis website is called “Kamat´s Potpourri” and is the creation of a family (the Kamats.) The website showcases the creations of two of its members: Krishnanand and Jyotsna Kamat.


Its contents range from pre-historic paintings to documentation of contemporary communities, all put together by them. is intended (and does a very good work with it) to be a source where you can find amounts of information about Indian history, culture and arts. The good thing about this website is that it serves as a distance learning resource for lesser known topics about India. There is no Bollywood, Taj Mahal, cricket, or any of those “typical” things from India. It only consists of a website that has the studies of years and years of two Indians. With more than twenty thousand pictures, and stories and articles to go along with them, the result is a very well rounded investigation site where not so well known Indian information can be found in a number of ways.


Author : Bill Webb

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