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JustLenses.comNeed to change your contacts? can help you get your prescription contacts fast and cheaper than what you’re probably used to.


This retailer of brand name contact lenses features an extensive catalogue of disposable and permanent prescription lenses. The idea is that users should be familiarized with what they have to purchase, and they need to send in a copy of the optometrist or eye-doctor prescription, whether it is via fax or by forwarding an email. The site presents discounted prices for all of its carried articles, which are very extensive, so be sure that you will be able to find exactly what you want for more reasonable prices, even if you are overseas, as the company ships internationally. Users can create a customer profile in order to avoid remembering and filling in all the information each time they make a purchase. Products can be browsed by manufacturer, alphabetical order, condition or type (color, disposable, etc).


Author : Steve Dixon

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