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Just4Tweenz.comJust 4 Tweenz, is the only all-natural hygiene, bath, and skincare line for teens for kids from ages 6-13.The company offers high quality products such as deodorants, lotions, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, acne treatments, etc.


At these ages, skin is changing, and kids need to use products specially formulated for youth who are no longer toddlers, but not yet teens. All products are alcohol free, as well as with no addition of parabens, or aluminums.

Due to factor like diet and accelerated development, kids are entering pre-puberty much earlier than their parents’ generation. Additionally, parents are looking for safe skincare and hygiene solutions for their tweens.

Pre-puberty teens frequently suffer from self-consciousness and negative morale when factors such as body odor, pre-puberty acne, and evolving sensitive skincare and hair care needs arise.

Providing a safe product line for the needs of this underserved market will provide peace of mind for many parents of tweens.

Also, Just 4 Tweenz’s ‘Allowance Power’ program teaches the basics of entrepreneurship to tweens by having them work jointly with their parents to share the Just 4 Tweenz story with their friends.


Author : Bill Webb

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