Junkscience.com – All The Junk That’s Fit To Debunk

Junkscience.comJunkscience.com is the site of a group of people who fights for a right practice of the science.

They carry on their work by reporting all the science disasters that human kind is producing, and predicating the right uses of scientific discoveries. They have the vision of manipulating science for other than laudable ends; that is why they devote time, energy, and intelligence to the defense of the scientific truths. The site’s founders, Milloy and Henderson, have written several books about this subject, and maintain an active service in other social organisms. At Junkscience.com you can access all the news about global climate science and new phenomenon actually occurring. Find everything related to global climate change, global warming, carbon folly, and more relevant topics. There is also a long list of related books that you can order and buy through the web. If you are really committed with science, you can make your donation online. Junkscience.com