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JPeterman.comThe objects that surround us always have some story attached to them, but what if all your stuff was to have a unique and interesting anecdote to it? That’s a bit of what J. Peterman has done about his business: an apparel and home décor store which sells its stuff via catalogue, and over the past couple of years over the internet as well.


The site is very nicely designed in a vintage style, and when you click into any of the products on offer, you get the story of how J. Peterman found it in some dusty shop in Montparnasse, or how the nightgown you are about the buy is inspired in the ones that Marie Antoinette used to wear before her head rolled. The site is categorized into different sections, like men and women apparel and accessories, home décor, classics (perfume, bags, and other unisex items) and the Last-chance-Dept, where you can explore some rare finds and antiques. By visiting the company’s blog, you can read about other findings and strange adventures, plus internet rarities, texts and discussion on lifestyle matters.


Author : Steve Dixon

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