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Jollo.comFounded by a group of language enthusiasts from Australia, Germany, France, and China, Jollo is a free community website that delivers the best translations online. Jollo does not only deliver community translations, but also compares and ranks multiple leading machine translation engines including Google Translate, Yahoo Babelfish, Microsoft Live Translator, and Worldlingo.

Jollo is more than just a translation website that delivers instant online translations from six leading translation engines. Jollo provides translation results that are rated according to their correctness by the Jollo community. These are human translations from the Jollo community (e.g. for complex phrases), and offers a public phrase book that serves as a translation memory for users to browse.

A typical user will enter a search query and view results from both human translators and machine translators. The results are ranked by ‘Translation Quality’, which is determined by community voting. If no human translation exists, the user can submit a ‘Translation Request’ to the community. Jollo combines the best of the two worlds – the speed of machine translations plus the benefit of human reviews to ensure translation quality.