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Jokes4All.netFeel in the mood for a good laugh? A lot of the time we find ourselves with depression. That may be caused by a busy and stressful lifestyle we carry.


Remember that saying, ¨laughing cures your sicknesses¨? It’s true, and the best way to have a good laugh is by visiting one of the funniest pages on the net, called is dedicated to everyone who is in desperate need of a laugh, because over at, they believe that laughing does cure your sicknesses. contains thousands of jokes online, funny pictures, fun games, fun text articles, cartoons, fun clips, and fun illusions. This site ought to bring you back to your senses and get you out of that bad mood. Visit whenever you feel down, or if you’re just plain bored of work. It’ll always be there to entertain you and keep you in a good mood. Visit now.


Author : Caroline Bright

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