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Jobtac.comJobtac offers job seekers a valuable new tool set they can use to market themselves to employers. In addition to this, they get the ability to create profiles, which in a sense, are portable application packages.


All they have to do is send an employer the link to their profile, and the employer can see their application package (visual resume, video, portfolios, and references).

Jobtac also offers a complimentary product to employers called Inflows which gives them the ability to embed a widget on their site to accept Jobtac profiles. In this way they can use it to manage those applications on Jobtac. This service is free to job seekers and employers.

Unlike traditional job destinations, this is not just a job board. Jobtac fuses an employer’s candidate management system, a job board, and a job seeker management system. The combination of these three allows Jobtac to work much more efficiently than traditional job sites.

With Jobtac, employers no longer need to accept applicants via email. All employers now have access to a free applicant management system, to help them in their screening and acceptance of candidates. It makes applying to jobs much easier, both for employers and job seekers.


Author : Charly Zaks

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