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JobBounty.comJobBounty (www.jobbounty.


com) is a job referral network created by an unemployed real estate broker. The website built around social and career networking platform, is meant to bring job seekers and employees of various companies together.

Despite the troubled economy many companies are still hiring, but often avoid advertising open position, and rely on internal company postings and referrals from their employees. So, how do you get a shot at those positions? Job seekers can advertise their skills and desired positions on, and offer a bounty for receiving job referrals from others.

The concept of rewarding for employment referrals is not new, and many companies and government entities have been offering money and other perks to their employees for referring job seekers. JobBounty puts a new spin on this process by allowing job seekers to market themselves and their skills to employees who already work for companies that hire.

JobBounty is a free service for all participants, and open to all industries and job experience levels. To join in visit


Author : Charly Zaks

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