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JimbolandJots.comJimboland Jots is a social creative community that covers and generates material focused on the gay, freethinker, green, radical, and American progressive worldview. Building on the rise of American progressivism and the restoration of democratic values in the USA, this social creative community covers and generates material on all sorts of topics that are of interest to open minded individuals who look forward to change.


The website features a variety of articles on such topics as marriage rights for gays, environmental causes, new films and plays that are dedicated to people or causes that may seem controversial to the more conservative crowds, and much more.

Anything that’s news of interest to free thinkers is sure to appear on this unique site. As well as reading articles, you’ll also be able to see video footage, and listen to audio as well. Members have the right to post comments in relation to the stories that appear, and of course are free to speak their minds on the topics at hand.


Author : Charly Zaks

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