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Jimbeam.comJim Beam is a famous brand of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. It has been made in Clermont, Kentucky since as far back as seventeen ninety five and is currently the world’s best selling brand of bourbon whiskey.


The company manufacture a selection of different bourbons that range in age and strength, if you would like to find out more about the Jim Beam brand and the different products that they produce then you might like to take a look at there web pages at This web site is a beautifully designed marketing tool for the Jim Beam Brand, from its well crafted home pages visitors can learn more about the companies heritage, the distillery and the distillation process, the recipes they use for there drinks and about the successes of the Jim Beam Nascar racing team. If you are interested about the versatility of Jim Beam then you should definitely take a look at the mixology cocktail section.


Author : Bill Webb

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