– Jericho & Underhill Online

Jericho-Underhill.orgThe towns of Jericho and Underhill (Vermont) can be found online at

The site provides a broad scope of information appertaining to both locations via a navigation menu that can be accessed from its main page. Some of the categories that make up this menu include “Products & Services”, “Arts & Crafts” and a section that goes by the name of “Groups” which collects together information on sport and youth clubs as well as on religious congregations. For its part, a section which is entitled “Our Nature” paints a rich picture of the natural features that characterize the region, whilst access to town offices is implemented via the section named “Our Towns”. The latter also includes resources such as maps of Jericho and Underhill along with a list of community initiatives. Lastly, a section entitled “Stay In Touch” groups together e-mail lists and message boards that can be joined anytime.