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JensenArms.comJensen Arms is firearms dealer that has its seat in Northern Colorado. Its online store can be reached at JensenArms.


com, and the site is subdivided into a host of categories in order to ensure that the customer will find what he is looking for in an effortless fashion. The main categories go by the names of “Rifles”, “Pistols”, “Shotguns” and “Ammunition”. Moreover, there is a category entitled “Accessories” where items such as holsters and cleaning gear can be procured. For its part, a section named “This Week’s In-store Specials” will be greatly appreciated by those who are on a low budget, as items that can be procured at discount prices are advertised therein. The site also details the shipping and handling policy that the company abides by. Jensen Arms sells exclusively to the United States – no international orders can be placed. You can address your e-mails to in the event you have any further inquiries.


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