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Jensen.comCall me picky, but I still think that sites for companies selling tech or electronics should have good design to them, but it seems that the people at Jensen don’t agree with me. By visiting this site, you can explore the complete catalogue of this line of audio products for home, car, radio and maritime use.


The site is divided into the different areas of interest, all of which have different design and functionalities (some good, some bad and some definitely ugly), but coincide in allowing purchases. I was happy to see that the mobile area hosts a variety of bass tones which you can download to check how low your car or stereo speaker can go, plus you can download selected music tracks in a variety of music styles and genres. Also interesting about the site is that you can get user manuals for all of their products, or enquire about having custom-made headrests for your car with integrated video players.


Author : Steve Dixon

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