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Jannah.orgFor all the people who relate Islam with terrorism, bombs, guns, and death, this site will make you open your mind and consider the Islamic world with a different perspective. At Jannah.


org there is a main axiom; Islam is the eternal path to world peace. They have a couple of words to tell you: Assalaam Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuhu. Oh, don’t feel offended, it’s not a blasphemy. It means “Peace be unto you”, and that’s the principal message this site wants to communicate the world. Through you can read some texts that will teach you some things about Islam, and think about what’s really important in this world and the Next. It’s a community-based website where visitors and members participate actively through message boards. You can access many resources, such as articles, radio, audio files, Quran translations and recitations, and useful links. Check the homepage to see what’s new on the Islam world, and become a member of a community that works to achieve peace.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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