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Jang.com.pkThis site is home for one of Pakistan’s most relevant online dailies, The News, and in it users will be able to find the bilingual edition of the publication, and by going over to the English-language section, users will be able to access coverage on a variety of topics ranging from local news to financial, investment, business, lifestyle technology, and many others. One of the strong points of The News is that most of it is written directly in English, as opposed to a translated version (which we all know can make things very complicated for readers), and because of that is an important landmark for anyone who is remotely related to this rapidly growing market.

Though you will be able to find several blogs, editorials and columns, the paper is quite light on comment and opinion, since it is clearly aimed at international readers who are not to be impressed by Pakistan’s opinion big names, in so as much as they are probably not familiar with them. Also worthy of noting is that The News, as all major papers in the world, has a number of special features and magazines, all of which you can access and read in full for free. Jang.com.pk