KillerStartups – A Robot To Keep You Company

Jabberwacky.comThis site provides artificial intelligence. You can chat with robots and simulate a natural human chat between two people.

They strive to provide you with funny and intelligent conversations that will make you enjoy and be entertained. The difference that these robots have is that they learn and model context, language and facts. It is important to mention that the sole purpose of this site is for you to communicate and receive companionship in order to enjoy a conversation. It is not meant for business issues and conversations. In this site you can read anonymous conversations to have an idea of how a robot acts, also you can create your own robot by bringing it to life, teach it share it and much more. In this site you will find information on how this works where you will find a set of instructions and also further information such as news, how to make a donation, a place where you can give your feedback, and much more.

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