search cancel – The Battle Of Iwo Jima is a website entirely dedicated to the battle of Iwo Jima and all the people who fought.


The site offers a large and detailed database about historical topics related to the battle. The resources available include plenty of articles, maps, pictures, videos, and even movies. If you have some knowledge about this battle, through this site you will have the possibility to access in-depth material about Japanese strategies, flag raisers, protagonists, biographies, and more. If you didn’t know this historical hit, you should start by accessing the Battle Of Iwo Jima section. There you will find enough material to entertain yourself for a while by reading all about invasions, fights, tours, and armies. You can also access special features related to this battle, including statues’ pictures, postal stamps, and unique historical war documents. The site is especially dedicated to those American soldiers that were tortured to death during the battle.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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