search cancel – Forget You Not Project is an online community committed to remember the holocaust survivors.


It was terrible what happened in Germany during the 1930s. For that reason, there are people who don’t want to forget about it; they want to talk about it and they want others to know what really happened. Being a Holocaust survivor must be a terrible experience as well. I mean, you are still alive but you had to live a terrible experience. is also a tribute for those who could make it and are still alive. The mission of is to preserve the past to protect the future, and not letting something like that happen again. In the site you will be able to view pictures showing people in different camps; they are terrible and horrifying. It is hard to imagine how a human being can treat another human being like that. Do you want to know more about this remembrance project? Check out for more information.


Author : Irene Davids

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