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Iste.orgBy now basically everybody agrees that media and internet literacy are an essential part of the skills children should learn at school, alongside more traditional aspects, like writing and reading. If you are a teacher and happen to be concerned about these issues, this site will be of great interest: ISTE is a nonprofit joined by teachers and educators from around the world in order to discuss technology in the classroom and media literacy.


By visiting the site, users will be able to learn about the mission of this group, read about their standardization initiatives, and also apply for membership. But this isn’t really where the most profitable area of the site is to be found: don’t miss the publications and research section to find a very comprehensive library of articles and links to other sites dealing with diverse aspects of education, dealing with topics as complex and interesting as whether programming should be a part of the curriculum, or the importance of blogs as a means to teach social discourse, and some ethical complexities regarding student violation of DRM. Most of these contents are available as PDFs and can be read without being a member of the association, which I reckon is very good news, as most of this material will be of great interest for parents and the general audience, who shouldn’t need to pay a subscription to be on the know in regard to how and what children are taught in schools.


Author : Steve Dixon

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