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ISPgeeks.comIf you’re looking for free broadband internet technical support or maybe just looking for a place to kill some serious time on the web then you’ve found it. ISPGeeks is the place where people come for accurate and friendly advice on all things involving broadband, cable modems, cable television, DSL, PC hardware, wi-fi, networking, satellite internet, weather and much more.


This site is designed for fast one click access to any feature, not flashy but certainly functional and this format will continue here for some time in the future. The site’s selection of broadband speed tests are some of the best and most accurate on the internet offering reliable benchmarks for your Cable, DSL or FIOS connections to 45mbps and beyond. The site offers visitors a number of different tech forums to participate in after having registered. The site has a tremendous amount of fun and interesting content. Content is extremely fluid and no two visits will result in stale material. Speed tests are spot on and can be trusted, hosted on our private servers, utilizing industry standard tools by Oookla. The rest of the site is pretty much dedicated to entertainment and education covering topics of geology, weather, astronomy and more.


Author : Liam Gray

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