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ISeeCars.comWant to cash in your old, gas guzzling, cash-losing SUV and get something a little more green and little more fitting the current economy? We all know buying a car is a big decision and the best thing to do is know what you want and do the research. This is where ISeeCars comes in handy.


ISeeCars is a brand spanking new little search engine that hunts for used cars. It’s got quite an easy interface and a database with over 1.4 million used cars from 2000+ websites. It makes searching for cars a lot easier than sifting through hundreds of classifieds and websites. Right off the bat, ISeeCars gives you the option to search by location (most major US cities are covered), make, and model. Choose each from a drop down list then hit ‘Search’. You can narrow your search as well– choose from mileage, price, etc. Or you can browse the ‘Top Potential Deals’ and ‘Top Moving Sale Listings’. Each listing comes with a handy price comparison and links to various analyses. The site is currently in beta, or “preview stage” as they put it. In Their Own Words

“ISeeCars is a car search engine focused on helping you find cars listed for sale across the Web and providing you with useful information and analysis to help you make better decisions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

ISeeCars makes everything a lot easier when searching for a new car. It covers all the major classifieds and auto sites and has helpful articles and price comparison.

Some Questions About

Why such a meager design? Will users like what they find? Is their a business plan behind it?


Author : Bruce Turner

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