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iScoper.comWhen buying electronics, most of us know better than to trust the salesperson. It is not his fault – he has to sell anything from dish washers to digital cameras, he just can’t be that clued up.


Trouble is, who can we turn to? Our friends are a good option… or are they? One bad recommendation and a considerable amount of money wasted can place any relationship on the faultline. Better having an objective overview from something like iScoper. Essentially, the website is a product suggestion engine that will enable you to choose the desired category from a list, and answer a list of questions in order to be presented with specific recommendations.

The questions differ greatly from one category to another, as it is fit. When choosing the “Digital Cameras” category you are asked questions such as “What is the main use for this camera?”, and when selecting the “MP3 Players” category you are asked how many songs you intend to store.

That is a practical service that is fully rounded by a provided glossary to ensure you will always pick the right device for the right circumstances. Full marks to all concerned, then. In Their Own Words

“Product suggestion engine.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a service stands as a very direct way to get what you need, with a virtually non-existent margin for error.

Some Questions About

Will more categories be added anytime soon?


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