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Ironrealms.comIron Realms Entertainment is a purveyor of online text-based role-playing games. This genre has always been extremely popular, and old-timers always reminisce about games such as the Zork saga, or the Hitchkickers Guide To The Universe.


Although the technology we have nowadays makes for technically advanced games, many savor the playing experience that derives from text-based games. Iron Realms Entertainment uses an engine called MMORPG that stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game to bring its virtual worlds to life. This takes the text-only experience of yore to a whole new level. For instance, now it is possible to run a political office, run a library, or join an in-game religion. The titles developed and published by Iron Realms include Lusternia, Imperia, Aetolia, and Achaea. These games can be played on-line for free, although it is possible to buy credits in order to speed up the achievements of certain in-game goals.


Author : Roger Hollings

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