– E-Mail Marketing And Video

Interacto.euIf you are looking to find an online application for contact management, that allows you to launch video as well as e-mail campaigns, in addition to streaming video and sending SMS, Interacto could be the company you are looking for.

The main public this company directs services, is composed by both national and international small and medium sized venture businesses.

This application is very easy to be used by any kind of users, and you do not have to have any technical knowledge in order to enjoy its many advantages.

Now you can administer your contacts, as well as exchanging information with other applications, etc. You will be able to make and send very professional emails, as well as having available extensive statistics about all your contacts.

One of the most interesting things about this tool is the fact that it will increase the response to your messages by using Video e-mail. Additionally, Interacto converts online videos to a Flash file allowing them to be can instantly used in e-mail campaigns and/or on websites.

This is one of the first online applications combining email marketing with contact management and video.