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Insimenator.netAre you one who likes to escape in to your virtual world every now and then? If you love to just lay back and tickle the mouse while you linger and lounge with your virtual friends online, you probably want to spice things up a bit in your virtual world. After all, it is not really real, is it? Inseminator.


net is a site where you can get custom content for your Sims 2 adventures. The site contains an extensive forum on all things related to the Sims 2 platforms. Through the site you can talk to other lovers of the Sims 2 virtual explosion and get lots of good advice on how to take your virtual world beyond your wildest dreams. The site will allow you to communicate privately with other members. If you like other people’s ideas, you can also comment on their ideas and post smileys on their posts.


Author : Jason Taylor

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