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InsidePulse.comSay what you will, the fact remains that while girls tend to grow out of Barbies, you can get the man away from the action figure, but not the action figure from a revered spot in all guy’s heart. So instead of trying to fight it, embrace your true nature and go over to InsidePulse.

com, a blog about all the stuff you loved when you were 8, and we all know you still love. These guys are super savvy in everything vaguely associated with comics, wrestling and videogames, and cover all the news the internet has to offer on the topics, usually providing some insightful opinion or background information together with the always handy Wikipedia reference. One of the things about the site I liked the best is their appreciation for the lowest of that low decade that happened something in between 1980 and 1989, filled with enough Barry Manilow tunes and a horrid sense of fashion to produce permanent brain damage, so there’s lots of appeal for the bizarre hunting crowd in In so many words, if indie is all about listening to bands that don’t exist yet, this site is about listening to bands that don’t exist anymore due to hair lacquer intoxication.