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InnocenceProject.orgThe criminal justice system doesn’t always work as it should and sometimes innocent people get convicted of crimes they did not commit. The Innocence Project is a non-profit legal clinic that is dedicated to exonerating people who were wrongfully committed through DNA testing and reforming the criminal justice system to prevent further injustice.


Most of the clients that this organization helps are poor and have exhausted all the legal options available to them. The only hope they have is that evidence from their cases exists in order to try and have it tested for DNA. All clients are rigorously screened in order to determine whether or not DNA testing is a viable option to prove their claims. Project Innocence has been successful in its endeavours, helping inmates who have used up all their appeals and their means to be released from prison. The website provides information on these events in order to raise awareness and concern about the failings of the criminal justice system. If you would like to know more about this or wish to support the project you can visit the site and find out more.


Author : Charly Zaks

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