search cancel – News And Info For Convicts is a service specially designed for convicts and ex convicts, in order to help them find a better future and solutions for their problems.


The service is a free daily newsletter where you can get daily news regarding this particular situation, inmate stories and federal cases, offers that can help with your future, education offers, job connections, and budget advices. The service is entirely free and it only requires a registration. For that, you only have to submit your email and you will receive this free newsletter daily on your inbox. The idea behind this is to give better chances for a brighter future and assume prison as just the beginning, not the end. On the website you will find more information about this free newsletter and the possibility to get registered. Unluckily, there is not much more information here, but it’s worth giving it a try, since is free and only requires an email address.


Author : Liam Gray

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