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Infinitecoolness.comThis site can be thought as an old basement where his owner has been saving a lot of stuff he likes through the years. The contrast is that this stuff isn’t that old; it’s a large amount of actual items that are collectible and enjoyable. has a large stock of posters, art pieces, wallpapers, and other stuff related mainly artistic productions. In fact, at the homepage you will see a long list of categories to choose items from. These categories include movies, TV shows, cartoons, comic books, music, and much more. There you will find the most popular and most online bought items, accompanied by a short description of it and its original source. It’s more of a recommendation site, than a review site. The developer of this site receives visitors with a warm welcomes, and he detailedly explains the site’s construction process, as well as its contents. You can buy any item online, having previously checked the many pictures the site features.