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IndyZoo.comWho does not like going to the zoo? As far as I have experienced it can be a truly unforgettable adventure to visit a zoo, especially this one. Celebrating its 40th anniversary, this zoo offers you the possibility of a real connection with nature and with animals.


Your needs of relax and adventure will be completely served by this astonishing landscape layout with incredible designs that you and your children will highly enjoy. Within this website you have access to their history, an extensive description of the area located in White River State Park, Indianapolis, maps of the zoo, web cams to check out the animals in their daily lives, animals facts, a completed picture gallery and general information on admission, admission prices, timetables, directions and special events calendar that includes a wine auction, a zoo wild trip and much more. Ideal for those fans of nature, “dare to discover” the magnificence of beautiful animals and a beautiful landmark attraction.


Author : Fred Inman

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