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IndiaKhelo.comIndiaKhelo is an organization working in order to make Indian Sport more competitive when it comes to participate in any international events, like World Cups or the Olympic Games. This solution was developed to make an important impact in benefit of Indian Sports Community.

IndiaKhelo online allows users to meet nearby like minded players, as well as to create real sports teams for sports like cricket, football, tennis, etc. By making your team you can also challenge other nearby teams, and play matches whenever it is convenient for you and them.

This solution also allows you to upload your match results, as well as getting performance and honesty ratings. The IndiaKhelo academy is based on a franchise model, where schools, colleges, corporations, etc, will manage their players’ verified profile throughout India.

Through this initiative local grass-root players will get a chance to play organized matches, participate in local tournaments, get authentic ratings on their IndiaKhelo profile, and become a newborn sports-star. IndiaKhelo is the first ever sports firm that aims to improve the sports culture of India by igniting locality based healthy competition.

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