KillerStartups – Continuity Publishing Solutions Masters Publishers is a company that specializes in continuity publishing, an euphemism for the publishing of informational cards and CD series that cover subjects that are incumbent to everyday life at home such as cooking and home computing. The products on offer include series with names such as “Grandma’s Kitchen”, “Cookie Collection”, and “Easy to Bake, Easy to Make”.

Moreover, the series that goes by the name of “At Home with Your PC” caters for individuals that desire to learn more about their personal computers. Each one of these categories has its on page that can be consulted for additional information. Members can log in and access to their personal accounts in the member’s area. Customer service is provided on the corresponding page, and a FAQ is likewise provided to these ends. A Help Desk concisely details aspects such as collection, payment and shipping, as well as the policies that IMP abides by.

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