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Imoosi.comImoosi is a new search engine that revolves around music artists. That is, using it you will be able to look up any such performer or performers more or less instantly and access a wide host of information.


This includes not only pictures and audio samples but also biographical information and trivia the kind of which always has fans coming back for more.

Besides, you can visualize tweets that have something to do with the query you based your search on. Obviously, there are bands like The Guess Who that make for results which have a much lower degree of relevance, while others like Led Zeppelin always yield results that are more satisfactory. But that is nobody’s fault.

The site is really easy to employ, and searches are executed without any kind of distraction. Maybe the team responsible for it could add some refinement labels letting users pick out the genre and so forth, but the site is more than usable as it stands right now. Let’s see how it evolves, I will certainly keep an eye on it. In Their Own Words

“Music artists search engine.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Music fans are certain to appreciate the way that information is presented and displayed, not to mention its actual depth.

Some Questions About

Will some advanced search features eventually materialize?


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