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iLogon.comiLogon is an application for aggregating and managing online subscriptions. With iLogon users get single sign-on, consolidated billing, and discounts on subscription fees for premium content and service websites.


This company partners up with some of the best premium sites on the web, and offers these services to their users on iLogon.

This online resource has a great revenue model and is signing up new users now. iLogon is not just the next web 2.0 application to launch, get users, then figure out how to monetize it later. This company is starting with a revenue model in place, in a strong and growing market.

If you want to enjoy the best services when it comes to getting very accurate and detailed information about sports, health and fitness, as well as productivity, and entertainment, this is the online resource you should take a look at.

Users pay for the services they subscribe to via iLogon, and the company splits the revenues with its partners. It’s a proven model via the affiliate market that provides value to both the end user and partner that does not exist in the affiliate channel.


Author : Liam Gray

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