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IHopPancakeDay.comWelcome to an original and well know web site. IHopPancakeDay.


com it is an interesting web site that focuses on the Pancake Day celebration. IHop it is a well known restaurant all over USA, to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. This special restaurant every year plans to serve free pancakes on Pancakes Day. How many people know about this unique celebration? Few people around the world know about this special day, so through this web site you will be able to know more about this celebration. The Pancake Day it is celebrated every 12 of February, also known as the Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras, this special day main propose it is to support charities in different communities. This unique day was design to get together family and friends, so everyone will collaborate to get thousand of dollars to Children’s Miracle Network, dedicated to help children hospitals and more. Get into and be able to be a donator your self.


Author : Mery Fisher

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