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idMatchSystems.comidMatch Systems is a global software product development company that offers products in the vertical space of Information Retrieval with specialization in name & identity searching & matching software technology. It is one of the pioneers in creating identity matching software, idMatch a unique and sophisticated product.


idMatch software is a multi-cultural fuzzy/phonetic name and identity searching and matching software technology. idMatch, through its advanced fuzzy and phonetic match algorithms, enables systems to retrieve and match entity identities. Identity match can be performed using personal names, corporate names, addresses, ID numbers, phone and account numbers and other multicultural identity information. idMatch is the only accurate and latest solution for name and identity searching and matching. This technology reduces the most rampant fraudulent activities like identity theft, stolen identities and credit card theft etc. IdMatch not only helps in safeguarding such fraudulent activities but is fuzzy, multicultural and phonetic in nature which is far more advanced version of available phonetic algorithms like Soundex, NYSIIS and Metaphone. IdMatch is a revolutionary technology of today’s world if applied in its entirety. It is the beeline for compliance industry, federal security and other banking and finance industry sector.


Author : Charly Zaks

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