KillerStartups – The Plastics Web is the site of a plastic materials information management company with a vertical search engine for the plastics industry; this site provides to all customers with quick access to thousands of technical plastic material datasheets with detailed property and processing information from hundreds of global resin manufacturers, with updated database every week.

If you are interested about this company, you can learn more within the About IDES section, with two sections, Business Solutions, with Prospector Plastics search engine, Free Plastics datasheets, Pocket Specs Plastics Reference books, iCatalog of Plastics data management, and Plastics Marketing; the other section, Our Company, you will find the Press center, with articles, press releases, images, and many other informational categories, giving IDES story and overview. Within the Plastics Information section, you will be able to find many categories, such as Articles, Directory, Events, Plastics Industry News, Resin Pricing, and Tools and Resources. The other section, which is the Business Solutions, you will find categories, such as Free Plastic Data Sheets, Prospector, Pocket Spec Books, The Plastic Store, iCatalog, and Advertising Programs.

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