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IdentifyFonts.netIt happens to every person: we have a thousand fonts installed on our computers and there is not a single one that seems remotely suitable when we get down to actually implementing them. To make things even more aggravating, every other site or application that we come across seems to have a font that would go splendidly with our own project.


The problem is, how do we learn the name of that typeface without having to resort to the time-consuming method of emailing the other person and waiting for a reply that might not even come at all. Easy. Using a site like Identify Fonts.

This website works much in the same way as others like What’s The Font. That is, through the site you will be capable of either uploading an image that has a font you find compelling and having it analyzed, or submitting a URL and have all the fonts that are used there weighed up. At the end of the analysis, the name of the font (or fonts) will be produced.

Besides, the search process is made suppler by giving you the ability to display only free or commercial fonts, so that if you have to operate within a given budget you will be able to do it comfortably. In Their Own Words

“The idea is simple, you can identify a font or look for an alternative to a font.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It puts an end to the frustrating situation whereby one finds the perfect font for a project but can’t find its name in a direct way.

Some Questions About

What characters can this system identify?


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