search cancel – Advertise Your Ideas was developed for anyone with a great idea.


Whether you are a child or an adult, anyone can sign up, create their Idea Ad, and then post their idea ad to companies and investors without fear of having their idea stolen. We achieve this by asking our users to write a short description of their idea without giving too much detail. The goal of the Idea Ad is to spark interest for the idea and help network those great thinkers with companies that can make their ideas reality.

The best part of is that users can create an account, target specific companies, and keep track of all their great ideas in one place. When a company is interested in learning more, they can contact that person through their Idea Ad. There is less foot work, less rejection, and greater interest that is obtained through these ads, because only companies who are truly interested in learning more will contact that person.

In Essence, interested companies come to you. Companies can also use the website to make Project ads where they can ask people for solutions to existing products/services or even ask the public for new ideas. At the same time they can compensate those people whose ideas and solutions they utilize.

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Author : Bill Webb

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