KillerStartups – Ichigo’s Sheet Music

Ichigos.comRegardless of whether you are a music teacher, instrument player or Anime fan, you’ll love this site to bits: it’s a library of MIDI and music sheet files for some of the most popular Anime and Games, and can be downloaded for free and without registering. Ichigos.

com is desperately in need of a design makeover, and a PayPal donate button is there for you to show some support to this really impressive project. The very active forum at is a sign that there is a big community that supports and takes care of this page, uploading and downloading stuff from it on a regular basis (the traffic numbers are considerably good if compared to other sites in the segment). Submissions are open to anyone who cares to not plagiarize other people’s work, include a watermark in the footer of the pages of the PDF music sheets or create new stuff themselves, so if you’re getting in touch with your DRM-abiding inner self and under a creative spell, don’t miss this site to vent it!

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