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HymnsAndCarolsOfChristmas.comGranted that planning your Christmas in mid July could be a bit rash, but it’s also true that you will be able to make sure you receive the music, lyrics and music sheets in time, a certainty that will not be so by mid November. But while The Hymns and Carols of Christmas site sells Christmas products, that’s not its main interest: this site works as a library and archive of Christmas poetry, carols and traditional songs, so not only will it be of interest to those who want to musicalize a fun tree decorating party, but also for folklorists, anthropologists and music historians.


You can get the lyrics, usually sheet music (or links to other sites which may have them), listen to the song in MIDI format, and in selected cases download an mp3 of the song. The site desperately needs some reworking in the design area, and will hopefully get that done in time for the next holidays: it would be great to be able to search carols for tags, origin, religious people mentioned in it and other interesting elements.


Author : Steve Dixon

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