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Howdoya.comThere is no shortage of search engines out there offering to give you more accurate results and save you time. HowDoYa promises to do just that, by serving as an engine for those who want to learn how to do something.


Howdoya allows you to search the internet in a more task centric manner and allows you to further pinpoint your search by adding more variables as you go. These variables or concepts for search refining are also the way that HowDoYa plans to generate revenue. Clicking on some of these concepts will allow you to buy whatever it was that you were looking for. Also included on the site is a top ten searches list , which is handy if you are looking for something that is surrounded by a great deal of current buzz. In Their Own Words

“HowDoYa was created to help people who want to learn how-to do something — anything. We do it by helping you search the Internet in a smarter, task-centric way. And unlike other websites that profess to have the single right answer, we give you many (but not too many) answers, so you can find the one that is right for you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A search engine that helps you by answering “How Do Ya” is a great idea that could become popular amongst a broad segment of the population. It is often difficult to specify the “how’s, what’s, and why’s” on other search engines so this feature makes HowDoYa unique.

Some Questions About

The site is currently in beta and testing of it proved pretty mixed. The search results are not very accurate and the category advertising at the side is annoying. If they can greatly improve the search results and the advertising, then this site might become popular.


Author : Caroline Bright

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