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Hopenow.comHope Now is an online resource that provides help in the field of homeownership. It aims to prevent foreclosures by means of counseling and assistance through a hotline that caters to those looking for information on how to avoid a foreclosure.


To such effects, besides offering free advice, the site has a directory of mortgage lenders, and the workout information you must have at hand when contacting them, such as current income and expenses, loan number, reason for default, and whether the loan is in bankruptcy or not. Moreover, the site provides a list of counseling organizations affiliated with the Hope Now Alliance, which offer their help free of charge. A “Helpful Resources” link page directs to several sites that will offer additional information and support in order to prevent foreclosure, such as home loaning centers, and money management groups. A full list of Hope Now members can also be consulted online, and it is split into counselors, servicers/lenders/mortgage market participants, and trade associations.


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