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Hoodia-facts.comHoodia has been brought into the public eye recently as natural weight loss aid. Hoodia Gordonii is an African plant akin to a cactus that when peeled and eaten provides enough nutrition for several days.

This is due to a molecule that western scientists have named P57. The most noteworthy aspect of Hoodia is that although it gives the consumer a complete loss of appetite, this is accompanied by a sense of well-being, and a feeling of being in control of food choices. At Hoodia-facts.com the visitor can read a list of reputable sellers of Hoodia products, and there are reports on Hoodia available, dealingwith topics such as how to lose weight with Hoodia (including info on how much to take and when), and how to find the right Hoodia product for anybody. As of this date, Hoodia products include Hoodia supplements, Hoodia diet pills, liquid Hoodia, and Hoodia patches. Hoodia-facts.com