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HomeImprovementMag.comSmart home improvement starts here. This is the main website of Home Improvement Magazine, an online magazine brought to you by NCI Home Improvement and Design Site.

Within this site you’ll access a large database of resources that will allow you to get the best tips on every aspect of your home. At the homepage you’ll see many square buttons representing the many categories of information available, including from flooring, security, and home exterior, to home repair, lighting, and windows. Within each button you’ll find many subcategories; click any of the links to access the specific sections that will show you the whole list of resources, articles, and stores. Besides, if you click one of the category titles, the site will ask you to select a region; then, you’ll have displayed all the listings available in this category for your region on your screen. You can also use the search engine placed at the top. HomeImprovementMag.com