HolocaustSurvivors.Org – About The Jewish Holocaust

HolocaustSurvivors.OrgHolocaustSurvivors.Org provides all sorts of information about the Jewish Holocaust.

They have created this website because they believe that history is not just about events, it is about human lives. At this website they present history with a human face. You can read the stories of the survivors, hear them speak, look at their family photographs, consult their encyclopedia, and much more. You can learn more about the historical introduction to the Holocaust. At the top of the homepage you will find some categories that you could use in order to browse the website. These categories are: Survivor Stories, Photo Gallery, Audio Gallery, Encyclopedia, Texts, Bibliography, Links, Discussions, and About the Project. The encyclopedia entries were specially created to give background information on the stories. For a concise explanation read the first paragraph on an entry; for more information continue reading. The bibliography contains reference materials that the Project Director relied upon in preparing this website.

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