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HollyRude.comHere’s gossip stripped bare of entertainment news: is a site fully devoted to presenting the news on top celebrities at their utter worst, including the dirty divorce and visitation rights bits, shoplifting events, mugshots, accidental private parts flashing, and in general anything that can be fitted into the scandal in Hollywood concept.


The site presents pics, videos and quite funny comment on the stories for you to enjoy at leisure. At the present time, is giving full coverage of Britney’s legal drama, Paris’ strange partying habits and Lindsay Lohan’s detox process. Interestingly, this site regularly presents cartoons depicting top celebrities, which are quite fun to browse as well. The stories are usually a mashup of several gossip sources, and in case you are not getting enough from this particular site, take a look at the list of related gossip sites that cover other celebrities getting wasted, naked and/or arrested.


Author : Steve Dixon

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