search cancel – Enjoy Your Technology is the site that thinks everyone should enjoy the benefits of PC and network-based technologies, without annoying setup and maintenance headaches; that is why this site makes the technology you rely on everyday more accessible and easy to use.


You will be able to find within this site the help deliver remotely via the internet and the secure screen share technology, so you can stay put and avoid the discomfort of sharing your space with an unfamiliar technician. You have three important sections, which are Connect, where you can call HiWired to buy, learn more, or receive a free diagnostic; the second section is the Repair section, which is to get started online, where it will be easier to learn more, purchase online or get connected to an expert right away, and you can look into all the different services offered. The third section is the Relax section, where you get a free PC check-up, where you will be able to download the Free PC Check and Connect for real-time alerts on system vulnerabilities like viruses, spyware, and security and memory limitations.


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